Business Adviser - Bio-Mass Intermediate
Bio-Massa Intermediate UCO - Pellets - Chips


Broflame is the result of the experiences of more than 15 years in international trading business

The dramatically changing terms and conditions in business due to the internet and the partly resulting uncontrollable

information, have convinced us of the need that in the initiation of new business relations  increased caution and careful
consideration of the opposite side is required.

We have therefore asked the task to examine future business partners in the delivery area to respectability and economic background, before we give our customers a     "green light".

Based on the prescribed terms given by our customers, we are looking for suppliers of conditions, clarify specifications based on SGS certificates, check delivery capabilities and warranty options and ask for supporting documents.


We as "Scouts" explore the terrain and find ways to solve the daily challenge in finding the needs.





 Broflame Bio Mass Netherlands  is your consult for the BIOMASS products, implemtation of Bio-process