Business Adviser - Bio-Mass Intermediate

Bio-Mass :  Intermediate between Client and Supplier

Our products are specifically focused on market requirements. All processes of raw materials, manufacturing and logistics are under control and are regularly analysed. These are supported by a SGS certificate or Din Plus Certificate or ISCC

Pellets – Chips – UCO-Oil


The composition of the wood pellets is on average 10% oak and 90% pinewood. (may also be different) There are different dimensions,


thickness of 6 and 8mm. Min. 24 MT (1 truck) Your Plus certificate delivery by the Netherlands favourable price!


The products that are manufactured by us are:


1. Wood pellets 6/8 mm with the specification: moisture content approx. 4.8%: ash content 0.2%; combustion heat 19 MJ / kg and no addition of glue.


2. Wood Pine Chips max 9 cm with a moisture content of about 20%

       Woodchips Mesquite 60 x 12 x 5 mm max moisture 30% 


3. UCO (Used Cooking Oil) and Raps Oil 5000 MT - 20,000MT per month.