Business Adviser - Bio-Mass Intermediate
What can we do!
What can we do!
  • Organisation advice
    For almost 40 years, we have experience in organizational advice. Clients value our drive and human approach. As a result, we often build long lasting customer relations. That is the merit of our advisors, who are able to make very pragmatically complex situations understandable. They are also ready for you to look for your original goals together. In order to realize this together with you.
    The roles advisor, interim and coach are growing more and more together
    In practice, we see the roles of adviser, interim manager and coach growing more and more. Many of our assignments are no longer qualified as exclusive advisory assignments. A Management Development program often reflects a culture change. The design of new processes and structures often involves the implementation of the innovations on the spot with those involved. A conversation with a client about a content project often also has an individual coaching character.
    What is a good adviser?
    Advising is also a craft in our beliefs. You will learn primarily by doing it together with colleagues and continuously reflecting on it.

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